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Held products are available in well-assorted stores specialized to motorcycle garments

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Every person is unique and nothing is more annoying than wearing motorcycle clothing that does not fit exactly. Therefore, we always recommend trying on a product before purchasing with expert advice from your Held dealer. Use our dealer search to find your nearest dealer in your area:

A first indication for examining the proper size is our size chart:

The proper washing and cleaning of your Held-products will extend their life cycle considerably and ensures optimal performance over their lifespan. With our care tips you can learn how to prolong the durability of your leather and textile clothing, helmets and gloves and maintain their protective effect in the long term.

We basically grant a two year warranty on Held products from date of purchase. Please contact your Held dealer from whom you purchased the product in case of a warranty claim. Warranty claims will not be considered if the goods are damaged or destroyed by force majeur or environmental influences, damage caused by improper handling or care, the goods having mechanical damage of any kind or the product has not been expertly repaired.

First contact in case of a justified complaint is your Held dealer from whom you purchased the product. The dealer will decide how to deal with the individual case and will get in contact with us if necessary. Please understand that we can not accept complaints directly sent to us and will return consignments at the sender’s expense.

You are the Designer!

Create and configure your own gloves according to your exact look and specification!

The philosophy of Held – Always offer the customer the perfect product. Standard gloves can´t always match anyones taste and requirements, so we make you the designer!

Our custom made products offer the following unique features:

  • Handmade in Hungary
  • individual design
  • innovative hardshells

Your custom made gloves are handcrafted and unique items, delivering each of your requirements, imaginations and colour wishes to create the optimal combination between rider and bike.

To offer you glove just like a “second skin” we them exactly to your needs and wishes.

How it works:

  • 1. Create your gloves at
  • 2. Send us a request with the configurator, please choose:

Design your personal Phantom II glove:

Magnet system by Held

An all rounder for all motorcycle models with steel tank.

Powerful magnets are combined with a specially developed anti-slide mat. Together it’s a universal, highly usable fixing system ideal for short trips and long tours which is road tested for tall and short riders.


  • Quick and easy attaching and detaching system via extra strong magnets for extremely convenient use.


  • We offer different models of tank bags which were developed for flat or rounded tanks.
  • Suitable for all bikes with steel tank.

How it works:

  1. Remove sand and dirt from the tank with a soft cloth.
  2. Tankrucksack mit Magnet-System auflegen und den Lenkkopfriemen befestigen.


VFS-System by Held

High flexibility though Velcro, for all types of bikes.

This is a system for bikes without a tank ring fuel filler cap and non-metal tanks. The luggage can be fixed without any straps but with a high quality Velcro mat, combined with a steering head fixing.


  • Uncomplicated attaching and detaching of the tank bag via the Velcro-system.


  • We offer different models of tank bags which fit to nearly all models of tanks.
  • Suitable for all bikes. Especially usable for bikes without tank ring fuel filler cap or metal tank.

So funktioniert’s:

  1. Remove seat and attach once the Velcro adapter plate to the frame.
  2. Mount the seat.
  3. Apply the tank bag fixing and then fasten the strap of the steering head.



Quick and easy.

A universal and quick fixing system for leather saddle bags. The click board guarantees secure attachment and the sepa rator bracket protects the bag against contact with wheel or exhaust (recommended minimum distance 10 cm).


  • The easy fixing of the rear bag by a metal quick release fastener provides secure fastening while riding.


  • We offer different rear bags in various shapes and sizes for an ideal fitting to your cruiser.

How it works:

Use without separator bracket

  1. Use the universal mounting plate (Art. 4718) and fix it under the seat.
  2. The base plate can remain permanently in place under the seat.
  3. Choose from our wide range of 12 saddlebags, click them into place, and close the rotating latches…
  4. We recommend you also fit security pins and locks. Tighten the pull cords thoroughly, and away you go…


Use with separator bracket

Our standoff brackets are a simple and effective means of holding saddlebags in place.

  1. Slide the pocket at the back of the saddle bag over the base of the stand off bracket. Then close the rotating fastener of the base plate. Hold in place with security pin (art. 4720) and combination lock (art. 4721 or 4725).


Strap system by Held

Reliable and safe.

A universal fixing option for special tank models or the longterm fixing of rear bags. In any case you are safe with the strap system.


  • Secure fixing via a strap fixing applied at the tank or under the seat. This system will not fail you even at high speed.
  • Its functionality and effectivness has been proven since 30 years manufacture and use. Therefore we use only this system for our rear bags.

The “Fix System” from Held

Easy handling and quick installation.

The universally usable fastening system for the Held Urban luggage collection ensures a secure hold on any motorbike thanks to specially developed fixing buttons.
(recommended minimum distance for saddle bags 10 cm)


  • Quick attachment and removal of luggage due to extra stable and specially designed fixing knobs.
  • The universal fixing panel fits on almost every motorbike seat.


  • Various tail bags and saddle bags from the Urban luggage collection are available for individual use.
  • Suitable for all motorbike models with seat 17 cm wide or  more.

How it works:

  1. Detach the seat from the motorbike.
  2. Place the fixation system on the seat in the desired position with the fixation buttons facing upwards. Attention: The fixing buttons must not slip sideways under the seat.
  3. Tighten the fixation straps under the seat until any slipping becomes impossible.
  4. Attach the bags (Art. 42260 or Art. 42261) to the fixing buttons using the triangular eyelets.
  5. When attaching the saddle bag, ensure a minimum distance of 10 cm to the tyre.

You can find our size chart at the bottom of our online shop or under the following link:

Our jackets are equipped with a pocket for the back protector. Access to this pocket can be found on the inside via the zip on the lower back (inscription: “Held Inner Security”), open the zip and then the velcro fastener of the pocket. On many models, the position or fit of the protector can be adjusted via small velcro adjustments.

If jacket and trouser sizes differ (e.g. jacket size XXL and trousers size 3XL), an adapter (connecting zip) is required. Connecting zips are available in lengths of 64 cm (up to size 58 or XXL) and 94 cm (from size 60 or 3XL). If required, you can order the connecting zip here.

Yes, all articles with plastic zip can be connected (if necessary with adapter)

You can subscribe to the In&Box in the app or on the website of our partner In&Motion.

Basically, the “rule of thumb” applies here; if the raised fist fits between the leather suit/jacket and the body, the eVest should be able to unfold without any problems.

Here the length of the fingers is approximately 4 mm longer or shorter.

Questions about our products?

You can also find all information in the Held App

Or check out our social media pages


You can also find all information in the Held App

Or check out our social media pages