For many, the back protector in the motorcycle jacket is already indispensable. The chest protector, on the other hand, which is designed to protect the most important organs in the thorax area, is however often neglected. In the event of a fall or accident, these safety features can protect against more serious injuries and even save lives. But how well can protectors be combined with motorcycle clothing and what protection factor do they offer? The editors of MOTORRAD got to the bottom of this question in a test in the current issue 21/2021 and took a closer look at nine chest and back protectors from various manufacturers.

The chest and back protectors had to prove themselves in the test categories of passive accident protection, safety, comfort and handling. One of the test models was our Keltor protector vest, which was convincing in every area and received a MOTORRAD rating of “very good”. Thus, our participant was able to prevail and take the test victory.

The Keltor protector vest made of Lycra mesh has SAS-TEC protectors for ribs, chest, back and tailbone. The tailbone protector is removable and the protectors are removable. The V-shaped design provides additional protection on the shoulder blades.

Testers’ verdict: “Held’s Keltor vest offers a comprehensive overall package of protectors and fits snugly but comfortably under motorcycle gear. It is suitable for touring-heavy textile as well as crisp tight leather.”