MOTORRAD Magazine’s BEST BRAND 2021 – Thank YOU!

For the 23rd year running the readers of MOTORRAD have been voting for their Motorcycle of the year and their favorite clothing and accessories in »BEST BRAND 2021«.
The editorial staff of the biggest motorcycle magazine in Europe asked more than 51,000 bikers which brands offer the best products in the respective categories in their experience.

We are delighted to win three titles again in the BEST BRAND awards 2021. In addition, we were able to maintain third place in the leather clothing category for the first time and thus achieve an excellent result in three other categories.

With 67,6% of all votes this year, we secured the BEST BRAND award for the 16th consecutive year meaning we have won this category every year of the award’s existence. We were able to maintain our undisputed leadership position in our flagship discipline this year.

Gloves convince from… 2021 2020 2019
Held 67,6% 69.1% 68.6%
Alpinestars 31,0% 30.6% 32.8%
Vanucci 24,1% 25.0% 27.1%

Textile clothing:
In the category textile clothing, we were once again able to assert ourselves as BEST BRAND, winning over 46,6% of all readers votes with our textile jackets and trousers. We have now received this award for the 7th time in a row.

Textile clothing convinces from… 2021 2020 2019
Held 46,6% 41.8% 45.0%
Rukka 36,2% 35.7% 41.3%
Dainese 30,5% 32.3% 37.0%

Biker Jeans (Aramid Fabric):
For the third time in a row, we can defend our title in the Biker Jeans category in 2021 and were once again named BEST BRAND. We are very proud of the fact that we were able to maintain our previous year’s result and with 42.7% of all votes are once again at the top of the list.

Biker Jeans convince from… 2021 2020 2019
Held 42.7% 42.7% 44.8%
Alpinestars 35.3% 36.0% 34.9%
Vanucci 33.6% 34.4% 36.2%

In the category protectors we have improved our result constantly in the past years. In 2021 we are again on the winner’s podium and reached the 3rd place in the vote while decreasing the gap to the two top positions.

Backpacks from HELD convined 32,5% of all voters which results in 2nd position in this category.

In the following categories, we have also achieved good results:

  • Leather apparel: #3 (2020: #4)
  • Boots: #5 (2020: #5)
  • Luggage: #6 (2021: #6)

This effort would not be possible without you.

So Thank you for your faith in the Held brand over the past years.

Your family Held and the whole team from Held Biker Fashion!