Test of Annone GTX – TOURENFAHRER 2/2021 – Recommendation

Overboots were so yesterday! Thanks to our GORE-TEX boots, the hassle of putting on rubber or nylon gaiters is a thing of the past!

In the 02/2021 issue of TOURENFAHRER, nine pairs of waterproof touring boots, including our ANNONE GTX, were put under the microscope. In addition to extensive practical tests on the motorbike, the criteria of wearing comfort, step feel, suitability for everyday use, weight and waterproofness were also evaluated.

In all areas, the Annone GTX scored at least four out of five. Even in terms of waterproofness, where the boots stood in a water bath for 15 minutes, the boots impressed with perfect waterproofness and was thus able to convince the testers.

Verdict: “In the duel for the test victory, the well-equipped and excellently manufactured Held “Annone GTX” only just loses out. The wish for a slightly stronger sole is desired this very high level.”