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Hard plastics


Thermoplastic (often polycarbonate) used in the production of injection moulded helmet shells. Used for its hardwearing, scratch- and impact resistant qualities. Tip: do not add stickers or repaint ABS  helmets because solvents in the glue or paint can damage them.


Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) material often used in the manufacture of helmets. Several layers of fibre sheet are laminated by hand and 'baked' in a metal mould to create a shell that offers better impact absorption and a longer serviceable lifespan than ABS. It is generally fine to apply decals or apply paint to a GRP shell, but be sure to check with the manufacturer's instructions.


Mix of three materials (fibreglass, carbon and Kevlar) used in helmet manufacture to produce particularly light, yet shock resistant shells.

Fibreglass Matrix

A SCHUBERTH technology that enables production of particularly strong helmet shells with a very low weight. The enforced matrix is produced by pressing the glass fibres into an extraordinarily strong helmet shell with addition of special resin and vacuum application at a high pressure (up to 6 bar).

Fibers / fabrics


Airguard is highly abrasion and tear resistant and manufactured from a specially developed hollow fibre (100% polyamide). This hollow fibre enables a low grammage volume and therefore a very is very comfortable in use. The tiny airpockets support the natural balance of the body and insulate against cold and heat. Furthermore Airguard is extremly water repellent and wind resistant, easy to clean and quick drying. Airguard meets all demands, which represent first-class and modern motorcycle garments.


Extremely high perfoming Ripstop laminate with Kevlar yarns. Ideal for reinforcement areas where demand is high. This is a GORE-TEX® patented ripstop structure with integrated Kevlar®-Core, covered by a Cordura® shealth. The patented "Core & Effect" Yarn Technology, combining Kevlar® – high resistance to tear and heat (melting point >400°C) – and Cordura® – high resistance to abracation, in ripstop construction.

Armalith® Denim

Armalith® Denim

ARMALITH® is a highly abrasionproof denim-material mix. The combination of cotton fib es with an UHMWPE-fib e (polyethylene with ultra-high molecular weight) was originally developed for space technology and military uses. The material is made of a single, highly tear-proof and water-repellent layer to ensure considerable wearing comfort. Comfort and freedom of movement is even higher again with Armalith® Stretch Denim.


The material is as the result of a special weaving technique which is very resilient. You can stretch it very tight, without the material losing shape. Canvas is breathable and has good wind-proofing performance. Cotton is a natural material which is also characterized by its tear strength and resistance.

Canvas-Cotton Wax

Subsequent treatment of the canvas-cotton material with a special textile wax creates a water-repellent layer that gives clothing a special look. Breathability and wearing comfort of the cotton material are preserved.



A 100% polyester fabric which keeps cool and comfortable. It takes away humidity from the body and dries quickly. It is light and breathable, is very comfortable to wear and is very easy-care.



A high quality polyamide (100%) fabric woven from precision-cut DuPont hollow fibres. Cordura is more durable and abrasion resistant than other nylons and is particularly suited for protective clothing. It has a comfortable and natural woven, slighlty structured, appearance.


Is a tough cotton material, which is mainly used in the fashion industry. The finished optic is achieved by different washing procedures to achieve their fashionable look (for instance Stone-wash).

DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber*

DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber consists out of Aramid and is used to make a variety of clothing, accessories, and equipment safe and cut resistant. It's lightweight, durable, heat resistant and extraordinarily strong. Kevlar® fibers are used in thread or fabric to reinforce protective motorcycle garments and help provide improved tear and abrasion resistance so that the rider can enjoy the ride.


Elastane is an extremely stretchy chemical fiber with high elasticity. Even with its ability to be stretched to triple of its initial length, the fiber returns almost to the initial length after tensioning. It resembles rubber, but has a higher strength and is more durable.


Flannel is a fabric made of 100% cotton. Flannel is characterised by a dense structure and a roughened, supple surface. The fabric offers pleasant warmth from additional air cushions achieved by the more voluminous pile, while also being very absorbent.

GORE® Windstopper®

GORE® Windstopper®

Our products of GORE® WINDSTOPPER® material are absolutely wind-tight and offer best breathability, so that the body will stay pleasantly warm in cool and windy weather. The membrane blocks wind and lets vapour escape outwards. This combination of production and breathability minimises windchill while reducing the overheating risk and physical activity.

HELD Cooldry™ material mix

Cooldry ™ – a mixture of polyester and Cooldry ™ polyester – transports the moisture outwards and creates a comfortable feel. The textiles dry quickly, are breathable and thanks to the ready-made fabric ideal for all activities. Cooldry ™ is a specially crafted yarn which removes the moisture more intensively and quickly, is very easy to clean and air permeable.

Held seamless function fibe mixture

Polyamide-polyester fib e mixtures with or without elastane are the ideal base for our seamless functional clothing. The functional fib es optimally adapt to the body, quickly drain moisture and dry just as quickly. Herewith you have a pleasant dry and comfortable use. The rapid odour formation in artificial fib e mixtures is prevented by the special Silverplus® equipment (Rudolph Chemie from Germany), which does not lose its effectiveness even at low wash temperatures.

Held Socks Merino Mix

With a mix of polyacrylic, merino wool and polyamide, our special woollen stocks provide an ideal companion for longer rides. Unpleasant odours due to long wearing are reduced due to the natural wool properties (the protein destroys the bacteria). The mixture creates a comfortable wearing feeling, which also warms in the "moist" condition and adapts to the foot ergonomically without wrinkles and pressure points.


Heros®-Tec consists of 100% polyester fabric and is a synthetic fibre with linear macromolecules used in various applications. The basic characteristics of polyester are elasticity and shape retaining 'memory', along with low moisture absorption and high tear resistance.

Liprotex C-Dry II

Liprotex C-Dry II

It´s a polyester fabric, which is water repellent and quick drying, even after repeated use and washing. Based on the special C-Dry II-technic, it possesses an exceptional elasticity.


Is a name for a chloroprene rubber, also called polychloroprene or chlorobutadiene rubber, a synthetic rubber which is used, in automobile construction and for heat-insulating sportswear. Trade names of other manufacturers are, B. Baypren of Lanxess. The preparation is carried out by polymerization of 2-chloro-1,3-butadi - ene (chloroprene). Very often neoprene is lined on both sides with textile fabric (nylon or lycra), which makes the surface closed and less vulnerable to damage.

Nilit® Heat

Nilit® Heat

NILIT® Heat is a unique yarn made of activated coffeecarbon that keeps the wearer warm in cold temperatures. The fib e has outstanding antibacterial and heat-insulated properties, gives a sweat-free feeling and offe s best wearing comfort throughout the day. NILIT® Heat is an environmentally compatible yarn that uses a natural excess (coffee-bean shells) in a smart manner, and integrates activated coffee carbon into the nylon fib es.


Tear resistant and durable fibre, spun from endless Polyamide fibres, which is often treated for water resistance and specially impregnated to shed dirt. Nylon forms the basis of most textile garments. It's lightweight and strong construction makes it ideally suited for rainwear.


NYSPAN® is a two-way or four-way stretch fabric which offe s a lot of comfort and free moving space in everyday life due to the elastic yarn, since the garments change very easily. NYSPAN® can be mixed with superbers such as KEVLAR® for added safety.



Phase-change material originally developed to protect astronauts against extreme fluctuations in temperature. Millions of microcapsules absorb the heat generated through exertion or increased external temperature to keep you cool, the stored energy is released when you need to warm up. A comfortable temperature in the suit is ensured.

Outlast® reduces the production of sweat and overheating of the body.

OXFORD fabric

High-quality, tear-resistant and durable polyester fabric, waterproof thanks to PVC coating.

Polartec® Powerdry® with X-Static® fibres

Material made of 96% polyester and 4% silver ion (X-Static®) metal fibres, which has an antistatic effect to wick sweat away from the body and help control odour.


Synthetic fibre which absorbs very little moisture and is extremely abrasion and tear resistant, which makes it ideal in applications where weather protection and durability are the main concerns.



Innovative high-tech fibre made from finest polyester threads which are woven to form an ultra-light felt. This felt insulates to a similar level as feather down, with the additional advantage that it does not absorb sweat. It is unrivalled for comfort, dry feel, and warmth.


Designates a (polyamide) fabric, into which thicker threads are interwoven in warp and weft at regular intervals; This increases the tear strength of the material. Nylon Rip Stop is a very light fabric with fine rip stop optics and pleasantly soft grip. Despite improved wide tear strength.

schoeller®-dynatec with Scotchlite

A thread with Scotchlite has been included in the fabric. The fabric is made up of microscopic glass beads that reflect an astonishing amount of white light, increasing visibility and therefore passive safety for the motorcyclist.


This is a high-quality mixed fabric of cordura and Kevlar and is mostly used in hi impact areas during an accident. It offers very good protection from abbrasion and heat and additionally it is water-repellent because of a special coating.


Highly breathable stretch material, which is elastic, lightweight, warm and flexible. Outer shell has a water resistant coating, while the inner has a soft fleece lining which absorbs moisture and wicks it away from the body.

Stretch fibe

Is a comfortable all-round functional fabric made of polyester, polyamide or Cordura. It is characterised by durability, flexibility and high wearing comfort. The basic characteristics are high and permanent elasticity (2way or 4way), breathability, durability and wear resistance.

Superfabric® brand materials


A mix of 32% polyester and 68% epoxy resin creates a super-tough material which offers full flexibility as well as extremely high cut and abrasion resistance. Held uses Superfabric® to reinforce crash zones on certain garments and gloves.

10 Newton load H 22 friction
Kangaroo chafed through after 4.000 revolutions
Superfabric® chafed through after 10.000 revolutions


TACTEL® often consists out of a mixture of cotton and polyamide or polyamide and elastane fibe s. The INVISTA TACTEL® dynamic special fiber is used to make garments that are soft, pleasantly smooth, breathable and light. TACTEL® fibe s dry up to eight times faster than cotton, and are not only soft and light, they also have high strength. The inherent strength of TACTEL® fibe s allows the fabrication of textiles with a strength of three times that of natural fibe s.


Is a fabric which is extremely water-repellent and windproof due to its synthetic fibe s, usually polyamide, and the fabric structure. Taslan is known for his soft and smooth surface. This is due to the structure of fibe s. The finer the fibe s, the smoother and softer the fabric. Despite its water-repellent effect, Taslan is breathable and moisture transport from the inside to the outside (wicking) is ensured.


Diffe ent to fibe , fleece is a non-woven yarn. During its exclusive a manufacturing method the fibe s are felted. Depending on the material, strength of fleece and manufacturing method, the fleece can be surprisingly tear resistant.

3D three dimensional fabric /
3D Air mesh parts

The most important properties of three dimensional fabrics are its moisture controls, good pressure relief, thermo-regulation, breathability and good air permeability.



Security through visibility

In road traffic it is extremely important to be clearly visible to others - especially in bad light. 3M™Scotchlite™ Reflective Material help dramatically improve the wearers visibility to others particularly in twilight and darkness. The use of 3M™Scotchlite™ Reflective Material in modern protective clothing makes the wearer more visible and therefore safer.



The unique microfibres of 3M™Thinsulate™ Insulation are about ten times smaller than the fibres of other synthetic insulations, which means they‘re much more efficient at trapping air...and much more effective at keeping you warm. It also means we can pack many more of them into the same space, where they reflect back more of your body‘s radiant heat.



This means clothing insulation without unnecessary weight or bulk:

· ideal heat insulation
· more freedom of movement
· maximum comfort

Leather / artificial leather

Amara artificial leather

A synthetic leather, made of 60% polyamide and 40% polyurethane, which is not only weatherproof, but also soft and comfortable. Additionally it offers an excellent grip and is therefore often used on the palms of motocross gloves.



Corium+® is a highly versatile leather technology, created to strengthen one of the most frequently used materials. The innovative solution of Corium+® Smart Leather adds protection against the elements to the already appreciated protective characteristics of leather. This transforms any type of garment, apparel or any other product constructed with this leather technology, into a fully waterproof, windproof and breathable product, while retaining the comfort and protection that leather is known for. This allows for the product to be used year round. One-leather. All-weather.



The '2nd skin' of motorcyclists is still the toppeforming material regarding safety and abrasion in comparison with nearly all textil materials. HELD leather marks a high abraision and tear resistance, high breathability and wearing comfort and is, with the right care, extremely durable. Leather garments should be fitted as tight as possible in order to firmly hold the protectors in place. While wearing leather garments, they 'break in' and mould to the body.

Leather - Kangaroo hide

Leather – Kangaroo hide

Many of the existing 48 species of kangaroo are protected. However the unchecked reproduction of the largest breed (called “marcropus giganteus”), has become a big problem and culling is therefore allowed under the supervision of the Australian government. Our kangaroo leather is with a special colouration absolutely colour-fast and with it‘s special tanning extremely resistant against humidity and sweat.

Normal leather becomes hard and crumbly and shrinks when getting wet or via sweat. Kangaroo´s only sweat through their tail and tongue, so there are no pores in their hide which is good for the structure of fibre. While the structure of cow leather gets loose, the structure of kangaroo leather stays fixed. Additionally, the fibre structure of kangaroo leather is more intense geared than the structure of cow leather.

Protection and durability 
(Wear resistant test through Institute PFI Pirmasens)
Leather 0,8 mm Abrasion resistance Tear resistance
Cow 4215 454
Hairsheep 5700 539
Kangaroo 7590 790

Leather – Pittards® (Hairsheep)

Leather – Pittards® (Hairsheep)

The hairsheep is a cross between a sheep and goat, only found in some African countries. Its hide is soft and comfortable, like goatskin, but it has a more dense structure and therefore it is much more stable. The picture shows a test result in chemical sweat for 24 hours. On the left with Pittards® hairsheep special leather WR 100 x, on the right without.

Pittards® special leather is resistant against humidity and aggressive sweat. The leather still remains soft and comfortable after drying without shrinking. www.pittards.com

Leather – Pittards® (Hairsheep)

Leather – Sting Ray skin

Leather - Sting Ray skin

Highly abrasion resistant stingray skin with impact absorbing gel are put under the ball of the thumb and knuckle. It is gliding and protects against fraying.

Protection and durability

Wear resistant test through Institute PFI Pirmasens Abrasion test corresponding to the friction wheel method DIN 53754

10 Newtom load H 22 friction
Kangaroo chafed through after 4.000 revolutions
Sting Ray chafed through after 20.000 revolutions

Leather – TFL-COOL-System®

Leather – TFL-COOL®

Revolutionary treatment for dark leather which helps to reflect solarradiation in the same way that white leather would, due to the special TFL Cool™ System. The temperature on the leather drops up to 20°C and additionally and provides a cool wearing comfort of up to 12°C difference with solar radiation. The improved UV resistance of Cool-leather also increases the garment´s lifespan.

TFL Cool™ items should only be treated with transparent dubbin, as described in the garments care instructions. When cleaned correctly, the Cool-effect will last the duration of the garments life.

Leather – TFL-COOL®

Leather – Vegetable Tanning

Leather – Vegetable Tanning

Vegetable tanning means the traditional tanning of leather with plant-based tannins. The tannins for vegetable tanning are produced from plant parts of trees and bushes such as the horse chestnut, golden wattle, tara- or quebracho-tree, and historically also from the oak or spruce. There are many diffe ences from chemical tanning, which is used to process most industrially used leathers. Vegetable-tanned leather products have a more natural, softer look that may change slightly over time when exposed to the sun and other outer influences;they are also more skin-compatible and contain no chrome-VI-compounds. Vegetable tanning gives the leather a particularly long lifetime. The plant-based tannins are also bio-degradable and the entire tanning process is more environmentally compatible
than chrome tanning would be. However, vegetable tanning requires much longer process times, better craftsmanship and therefore is more elaborate and expensive. In contrast to chemically tanned leathers, vegetable tanning does not permit any brilliant, unusual colours; the leather is less elastic and cannot be processed as thinly.

Membranes / coating



ceraspace™ is a new protection fabric technology from Schoeller opening a new dimension in abrasion proofing and heat resistance.

When standard textiles are exposed to high temperatures, they become damaged. The 3-dimensional coating of ceraspace™ technology is highly resistant to elevated temperatures and works as a protective space barrier between the textile and a heat source. No melting is possible and the heat-up rate remains low, minimizing the possibility of exposure to harmful heat and abrasion for the wearer.

The new technology owes its outstanding protective properties to a unique composition of special ceramic particles. The special ceramic particles are nearly as hard as diamonds.

10 Newton load H 22 friction
Kangaroo chafed through after 4.000 revolutions
ceraspace™ chafed through after 10.000 revolutions


The GORE TEX® membrane has over 1.4 billion microscopic pores per square centimetre. These pores are around 20,000 times smaller than a water molecule, however 700 times bigger than a water vapour molecule. Therefore the GORE TEX® membrane is durable water and wind resistant and at the same time very breathable.

The result: Rain can´t get in and wind is kept away but sweat can get out.

To guarantee absolute weather resistance, GORE TEX® products are sealed by the GORE SEAM TAPE technology. This tape seales every small hole which occurs when sewing cloth out of GORE TEX®. To fulfi l the special requirements in all applications, GORE TEX® has developed different membranes and technologies, which are used in the particular products.

In each chapter of our GORE TEX® garments and gloves you will fi nd further information about these technologies and products.


Membranes Polyurethane or polyester based material designed to keep the body dry, to protect the wearer from wind and to transport sweat to the outside. Therefore membrane equipped clothing has excellent weather protection and at the same time comfort characteristics.

As this material structure has no pores, it is absolutely wind resistant and so the body is prevented from cooling. Seams are welded with a special heat sealed tape to ensure no water can penetrate from the outside.

Depending on the brand of product, the membranes are made out of different basic materials and are mostly sewed as loose foil ("liner") in the inside of jackets and pants. Special materials and tightly regulated manufacturing guidelines make climate membranes extremely tough, elastic and almost tear resistant.



Due to the patented OutDry® laminating process, the waterproof and breathable membrane is laminated directly to the outer material of the product. It seals perfectly in all possible water penetration points.

PVC coating

Fabrics can be waterproofed or made highly water-repellent. The range includes fabrics with various coatings for a wide range of applications.

REISSA® Membrane

Reissa® is a three-ply microporous membrane with a PU coating and pores of diffe ent sizes. Reissa® is waterproof, windproof and breathable. REISSA is an advanced material with breathable and water-proof membrane developed by Young Poong Filltex Co. Ltd. This membrane is made of specialized hydrophilic polyurethane which fulfills higher vapour transmission and waterproofness. REISSA is combined with various textiles by coating or laminating for sportswear, gloves, tents and shoes. This technology can provide us comfort and extreme durability in severe weather conditions: High water repellency; High resistance to rain and snow; High resistance to wind and cold ; High transmission of perspiration; Very thin and soft.


It´s a hygienic finishing from the RUDOLF-Group. A base of silver ions prevent the increase of bacteria on textile surfaces. The natural balance of the skin is not effected. These textiles require only a 40°C-wash cycle to remain hygienically clean.


Non-stick molecular treatment permanently applied to textile thread, which repels water and enables dirt to be easily washed off.

2 layer stretch fabric

Membrane and outer material are laminated together (bonded) by an adhesive. This has the advantage that the outer material (polyester / polyamide / cordura) does not get waterlogged. Due to its manufacture theis material can only be stretched in one direction.


d3o™ Protectors

d3o™ protectors

An intelligent shock absorbing material containing sensitive molecules which move loosely under normal terms. Therefore the protectors are soft and flexible and fit perfectly to the body. On a sudden impact (like an accident), the molecules combine to offer an excellent absorption on impact. The whole process occurs instantaneously and d30 protectors will return to their original state after the impact has subsided and can be used again, without any loss of capability.

dual protector system

The dual protector system of the jacket provides the customer the option to integrate an individual required back protector. Beside the special foam pad or the CE protector, a specially developed CE back protector can be used. It has the advantage of additional shoulder and coccyx protection and also high wearing comfort because of the integrated waistband.

Polyethylene foam (PE Foam)

The PE foam is a very fine-po ed foam which has an almost velvety surface and is perfectly suited as shock absorbing inserts. PE foam has good damping, insulation and insulating properties.



The visco elastic PU-foam from SAS-TEC® consist of renewable “green” raw materials and not from mineral oil. This special material has excellent response characteristic on impact, low weight, high comfort, and excellent, almost linier energy absorption, and therefore body compatible energyreduction at impact.

Furthermore the special microstructure of the SAS-TEC® foam ensures an adapted damping performance: the higher the impact-speed, the bigger the resistance of the foam guaranteeing the best possible Impact protection for your body.

Suprotect® special foam

Special foam from space research. Open-cell, breathable PU material, manufactured according to a special formulation, with viscoelastic (delayed) restoring behaviour and automatic hardening at punctually, quickly impinging loads, therefore excellent for shock and impact absorption. Suprotect® is significantly improved compared to the original in terms of mechanical strength and stability against humidity and temperature.


Direct ventilation

Comfort ventilation system means that all zippers, which are used in jackets/pants, allow, when opened, air to flow throughout the garment via openings in the climate membrane. When the zippers are closed, 100% water and wind resistance is guaranteed.


The Safety-Seam: It is used at all critical areas such as hips, knees, arms and back as reinforcement of the material.

Standard seams: They connect the layers of the material only with one thread. In case of an accident, the seams would be cut, the layers get loose and protection is not longer ensured.

The additional protection seam: It consists of two seams, one of them is sewed covered. In case of an accident, only the top seam would be damaged, but the covered one would still hold the material of the garment together.

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