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Click system

A universal and quick fixing system for leather saddle bags.The click board guarantees secure attachment and the separator bracket protects the bag against contact with wheel or exhaust.


The easy fixing of the rear bag by a metal quick release fastener provides secure fastenig while riding.


We offer different rear bags in various shapes and sizes for an ideal fitting to your cruiser.


Select the individually designed base plate for your bike, and fit this under the seat.

The base plate can remain permanently in place under the seat.

Choose from our wide range of 12 saddle-bags, click them into place, and close the rotating latches...

We recommend you also fit security pins and locks. Tighten the pull cords thoroughly, and away you go... Let's go!

Use with stand off bracket:
Our stand off brackets are a simple and effective means of holding saddle bags in place.

Use with stand off bracket:
Slide the pocket at the back of the saddle bag over the base of the stand off bracket. Then close the rotating fastener of the base plate. Hold in place with security pin (art. 4720) and combination lock (art. 4721 or 4725). Let's go!

Order catalog

Order catalog

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