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Airbag - eVest Clip-in



The intelligent protection for maximum safety.

Airbag - eVest Clip-in

The Intelligent Protection System (IPS) offers maximum safety and comfort for motorcyclists. It is used in the latest generation of electronically activated airbag systems from Held. The heart of the system is the In&box of the French system supplier In&motion. It is equipped with an intelligent algorithm that uses built-in sensors 1000 times per second to determine the biker's acceleration and position and in an accident situation, triggers the airbag in fractions of a second [DETECT].

The airbag cushion inflates in less than 60 milliseconds with the optimal pressure to help to absorb the impact energy, stabilize the wearer's body, prevent spinal injuries and protect vital organs [PROTECT]. Thanks to the data collected by the In&box, In&motion can regularly improve the system and the detection strategy [PERFECT]. Data sharing is optional and independent of receiving updates.

Technology platform DPP

Airbag - eVest Clip-in

In&box - the „brain" of the system

Airbag - eVest Clip-in


  • electronic airbag activation, no connection to the motorcycle necessary
  • intelligent, constantly evolving algorithm from In&motion
  • free updates uploadable via USB, WiFi or Bluetooth®
  • very fast activation and inflation speed and very high protection level
  • The system can be made operational again independently by the user after it has been triggered / inflated.

Held eVest Clip-in (art. 92070)

The eVest Clip-in is the first product of Held Biker Fashion with IPS technology powered by In&motion. It is an airbag vest that can be worn underneath and can be integrated into any compatible Held jacket using Clip-in technology. For the function of the eVest Clip-in, the control module In&box (art. 92070.21) is also necessary and must be installed in the back shell of the vest. The complete hardware and software is included in the garment, i.e. there is no need to install sensors on the motorcycle, nor is it necessary to establish a connection between the vest and the motorcycle.

Installation of the eVest Clip-in - This is how it works:

Airbag - eVest Clip-in

Video eVest Clip-in:

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