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The HLS Technology

Safety thanks to visibility.

HLS - LED-System

Held brings light into the darkness with the HLS technology! The retrofittable Held Light ystem (HLS) is the latest development from Held to make motorcycling even safer. The illuminated LED modules that are integrated into a motorcyclist's protective clothing improve rider visibility significantl in poor light. The HLS technology makes a key contribution to accident prevention when travelling at night or in foggy and rainy conditions. Unlike reflecto strips, which can only reflect light that shines on them, the optic fib es in HLS emit their own light constantly - a highlight in the literal sense of the word.


  • actively illuminated LED system to ensure that motorcyclists can be seen more easily during darkness and when visibility is poor
  • high quality OSRAM light sources emitting white light at the front and red light at the back
  • can be integrated into all Held "LED Prepared" products
  • any off-the-shelf echargeable battery pack connected via USB can be used as a power source
  • around 7 h run time with 4,000 mAh battery

HLS - LED-System

  1. The heart of the HLS technology is the HLS Set (Art. 91995 ). Each one consists of two white and two red LED modules connected with a USB connection cable. To use the HLS Set, you need a compatible Held jacket or safety vest, with the "LED Prepared" feature and an off-the shelf rechargeable battery pack (power bank) as a power source.
  2. HLS is quick and easy to install: The LED set is inserted via the open zip in the rear compartment of the jacket or vest. Then the ends of the white optic fib e are fed in through each opening in the chest area of the garment from the inside and passed through the entire length of the mesh tube. The red optic fire is threaded into the back of the jacket or vest in the same way.
  3. Once all four LED modules are in the correct positions, the USB cable is passed through the cable feedthrough in the jacket or vest. The system is now ready to use and can be switched on at any point by connecting it to the battery pack, or switched off y disconnecting it.

Front and rear view Flashlight LED (Art. 91971 ) including HLS Set (Art. 91995 )

HLS - LED-System

Tutorial for installing the Held HLS set (Art. 91995):


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