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The Clip-in Technology

Wearing the same apparel on hot summer days as in the transition period with single-digit temperatures? No problem with the Held Clip-in technology.

All Held jackets and trousers, which are equipped with the Clip-in feature can be retrofitted and upgraded with Held Clip-in products. On the specially colored fixation loops, the Clip-in products are installed by press studs into the outer shell. With the blue colored loops and press studs, the system is easily distinguishable from other fastening systems of the base garment like connecting zips, air-vents and removable membranes and linings. The individual Clip-in products can also be worn separately for any non-biking activity as leisure wear.

The Clip-In technology offers the following benefits:

  • extension of functionality and application range of your motorcycle apparel.
  • uncomplicated, easy installation into the base garment with press studs.
  • blue color scheme for easy identification.
  • Clip-in jacket and pants can also be used separately as leisure wear.

How it works:


Functional underwear with the Clip-in Technology

» 9757 Clip-in Windblocker Top
» 9758 Clip-in Windblocker Base
» 9755 Clip-in Thermo Top
» 9756 Clip-in Thermo Base

Rainwear with the Clip-in Technology

» 6612 Rainblock Top
» 6671 Rainblock Base


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