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The Held 2in1 Technology

exclusive by  2in1 Clothes

Full flexibility and functionality in any situation.


» With the AeroSec textile combination Held provides the answer to
   the question of the ideal clothing choice in changeable weather
   conditions. Thanks to the innovative membrane integration both
   jacket and trousers can be easily and quickly transformed from a
   summer combination to wind and rain protection in case of a change
   in the weather.

» For this purpose, the membrane jacket/trousers can be brought from
   the passive position (chamber "breezy") from the back of the garment to
   the active, functional position in front (chamber "dry") and worn as a
   second layer under the upper.


» Optimal comfort in varying weather situations, whether rain or sun.
» Direct ventilation of the body in chamber "breezy"
» Protection against wind, cold and rain in chamber "dry"
» The membrane is always at your fingertips and can be brought quickly to the appropriate position
» Perspiration can wick away from the body and the garment thanks to breathability of the membrane

How it works:

2in1 Clothes

Membrane in chamber „breezy"

» The membrane is located on the back of the jacket and trousers
» When wearing the jacket / trousers the front of the body is directly
» The back of the membrane is firmly connected to the outer jacket /
   trousers, the front can be moved in the active position by releasing
   the fixing

2in1 Clothes

Membrane in chamber „dry"

» The membrane is attached to the front of the outer jacket or trousers
   with press studs or zippers
» The membrane functions as the second layer within the outer jacket
   and trousers
» When wearing the jacket / trousers the body is completely surrounded
   by the membrane and protected from the weather

2in1 Clothes

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