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The APS TechnologyAPS

by   APS

Reacts in a flash and inflates within a fraction of a second!

» The Held Air Protekt System (APS) with Helite System is one of the most
   meaningful solutions to improve the safety factor for motorcycling in
   combination with safety clothing.
» I nflates completely within 0,1 seconds
» Protects in case of a fall extensive back, neck, coccyx, rips and chest.
» Circumferential collarbone-protector offers stability within/between
   shoulder and helmet. Thereby the backbone becomesrelieved

» Absolute liberty of action through tight cut with big arm-holes.
» To the safety-equipment belong furthermore a detachable SAS-TEC back-
   and coccyx protector. Thanks to the 3M Scotschlite™ reflectors the vest
   is already visible from a long distance.
» CE certificated Turtle Airbag System.


» Reliable, non-vulnerable system - activation by means of a mechanical rip cord.
» Best possible protection of the entire upper body and the cervical spine.
» System can be made operational again automatically after activation.
» Also available as a vest to wear underneath (Clip-In Air Vest) or as an integrated system (Carese APS & Full-Speed APS).

How it works:


» 1. Fasten activation lanyard underneath seat.

» 2. Get on the motorbike and fix the activation
       lanyard with the Klick-fastener on the vest.

» 3. Ready! In case of a fall the vest will be inflated
       within a fraction of a second.


Activation lanyard must be disconnected before dismounting your motorcycle.
Accidental activation is virtually impossible during normal use. Activation requires a minimum pull force of 30 kg on the lanyard.

Reactivation after activation:

After activation, the system can be made operational again by replacing the compressed air capsule in just a few minutes.

» To do this, open the screw on the bottom of
   the triggering mechanism with the supplied
   allen key.

» Reinstall the ball of the release strap and
   tighten the screw of the triggering mechanism
   until it stops.

» Replace the empty compressed air capsule by
   a new one.


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