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Motorrad Magazine BEST BRAND 2019 - Thank YOU!

For the 14th year running the readers of MOTORRAD have been voting for their Motorcycle of the year and their favorite clothing and accessories in »BEST BRAND 2019«.
The editorial staff of the biggest motorcycle magazine in Europe asked 50.000 bikers which brands in their relative categories in their experience offer the best products.

We are delighted to win multiple titles yet again in BEST BRAND 2019.
In the 2019 BEST BRAND Held achieved yet again the magical hat-trick of first place finishes and also achieved podium positions in 2 further categories.

With 68.6% of all votes this year, we secured the Best Brand Award for the 14th consecutive year meaning we have won this category every year of the awards existence. Held is the undisputed leader in this category and even managed to increase its winning % in 2018 by 5.2%!

Motorrad Best Brand 2019

Gloves wins in the last 3 years... 2019 2018 2017
Held 68,6% 63,4% 62,0%
Alpinestars 32,8% 28,1% 29,2%
Vanucci 27,1% 21,5% 21,6%

Textile clothing:
We are particular proud of our repeated defense of the BEST BRAND title in the category textile clothing, it's our 4th win in a row in this most important of categories! With 45.0% of all readers convinced in the quality and performance of our textile jackets and trousers that's an increase in our winning margin in 2018 of 5.4%!

Motorrad Best Brand 2019

Textile clothing convinced in the last 3 years ... 2019 2018 2017
Held 45,0% 39,6% 38,1%
Rukka 41,3% 37,8% 35,5%
Dainese 37,0% 29,6% 30,8%

Biker Jeans (Aramid Fabric)
In this rapidly increasingly important and popular category Held has for the first time been voted best brand winner with 44.8% of the total vote. We are so very proud of this new award because we have put gargantuan effort into developing many new Biker Jeans models in recent years and these efforts have now been rewarded with the BEST BRAND title!

Motorrad Best Brand 2019

Biker Jeans convinced in years ... 2019 2018 2017
Held 44,8% 17,9% 18,8%
Dainese 41,7% 14,5% 17,6%
Vanucci 36,2% 25,0% 22,4%

In the protector category we have improved our result constantly in the past years. This year 2019 we are again on the winner's podium and reached the 3rd place in the vote while decreasing the gap to the 2 top positions.

Back packs:
Backpacks from HELD convined 24% of all respondents which gives us 3rd position in this category.

In the following categories, we have also achieved noteworthy results:

- Leather apparel: position 4 (2018: position 4)
- Boots: position 5 (2018: position 6)
- Luggage: position 6 (2018: position 6)
- Helmets: position 11which is the top not specialist producer result. (2018: position 11)

This effort would not be possible without you.
So Thank you for your faith in the Held brand so over many years.

Your Held Biker Fashion family and team!

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