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Dear customers,

For the 12th time in a row the readers of MOTORRAD magazine have voted for their Motorcycle of the year and their favorite clothing and accessories brands BEST BRAND 2017. The editorial staff of the biggest motorcycle magazine of Europe asked 50.000 bikers which brands in their relative categories offer the best products. We are delighted to win multiple tiles yet again. In the 2017 BEST BRAND Held achieved the magical Hat-trick of first place finishes achieved a podium position in 2 further categories.


Held BEST BRAND 2017 Siegerpodest

Unchallenged pole position in our key category! With 62% of all votes, we secured the best brand award for the 12th time in a row.

Held BEST BRAND 2017 Kategorie Handschuhe

Textile Clothing:
We are particular proud of our 2nd successful defense the BEST BRAND title in the category textile clothing, our 3rd win in a row in this important category.

Held BEST BRAND 2017 Kategorie Textilkleidung

In the new category backpacks we surged into 1st place immediately. 32.1% of all interviewees appreciated the functionality and universalism of our backpacks giving us the win in this categories debut year.

Held BEST BRAND 2017 Kategorie Rucksäcke

Biker Jeans:
HELD biker jeans convinced 18.8% of all interviewees meaning we were awarded 2nd position in this young category (created in 2016). In its second year we could hold our ground in this important category and shorten the distance to the 1st position from 5.4% in 2016 to 3.6%. We will redouble our efforts to take this title next year.

Held BEST BRAND 2017 Kategorie Biker Jeans

In the Protectors category we have improved our result constantly in the past years and again made it on to the podium after last years 3rd position. This year we decreased the gap to the first two positions yet again.

Held BEST BRAND 2017 Kategorie Protektoren

In the following categories, we have also achieved noteworthy

  • Leather apparel: position 4 (2016: position 4)
  • Boots: position 6 (2016: position 7)
  • Luggage: position 6 (2016: position 5)
  • Helmets: position 11 (2016: position 10)

This success would not have been possible without you and for that reason; we thank you for your loyalty and cooperation.

We wish you a continued successful season.

Yours sincerely,

Family Held and Team


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