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Anatomy of an Adventurer

Anatomy of an Adventurer

Nick Sanders chooses Held Rider Equipment

Nick Sanders is arguably the world’s greatest motorcycle adventurer, notorious for his extreme endurance journeys, including circumnavigating the globe in record time, so we were extremely pleased when he opted to wear Held Rider Equipment on his most recent and forthcoming expeditions.

Anatomy of an Adventurer saw Nick attempt to break the record for traversing the Pan American Highway from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Ushuaia in Argentina. Not only was the goal of completing the mammoth journey in 19 days a mountain to climb, but Nick decided to make it even more ‘interesting’ by choosing Yamaha’s flagship sportsbike the YZF-R1 as his steed and Held Slade race leathers as his armour.
A Super Ténéré and his usual Held Carese / Torno GORE-TEX® Enduro suit would have been a better choice, but that would have made things too easy for our man.

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